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Leader Leisure Centre (1)

Lauder Leisure Centre

The start of the Lauder Town Trail is at the new Leisure Centre in Mid Row. This building was formerly an agricultural workshop and then a factory before being converted for leisure use in 1999. The information centre in front of the leisure centre was formerly the smithy. The Leader Leisure centre was officially opened in March 2000 by HRH Princess Anne and is run by the local charitable Trust.

Turn left on leaving the Leisure Centre and follow Mid Row until you reach Mill Wynd on your left hand side.

Corn mills were an important feature of the Burgh's medieval economy and it was known that the de Moreville family granted tithes from Lauder mills to Dryburgh Abbey in the 12th century. Although there is no longer a mill on this site, the name still remains.

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Town Trail: Leader Leisure Centre, Lauder Scotland