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The Loan

The Loan

The Loan was originally the ground for communal grazing and the route to Lauder Common.

The road was originally in front of the buildings here and all the land to the right would have been grass.

Tales of the herdsmen are still told in the Burgh, the account below tells of the everyday movement of cattle for grazing.

'In early morning, the cowherd starts from the east end of Lauder, blowing a horn, and, from the various byres, the members of his herd troop out, until he has in front of him some eighty beasts at the west end of the town. These he drives to the Common, and tends them there all the day. On the return, the cattle enter through their own gate without any prompting from the herdsman.'

The building on the right hand side of the war memorial (now a medical centre) was formerly known as 'Loanside', as it was the building 'to the side' of the Loan.

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Town Trail: The Loan, Lauder Scotland