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Lauderdale Hotel

Lauderdale Hotel

Also in this area is the Lauderdale Hotel. This building was built in c. 1900 as a Temperance Hotel. It is constructed from local stone from Heriotside quarry up Burnhill. As it was a Temperance Hotel it was not permitted to sell alcohol.

On leaving the War Memorial, turn back towards the main street and this time walk along the main road in the direction of the Market Place.

Directly on your right at the junction of Crofts Road and West High Street is a white house (No 78 West High Street). This property was the Beadle's House (church officer) for the United Presbyterian Church (see Kirk Wynd).

Cross over Crofts Road and look over the High Street towards the large whinstone built structure with blue doors. This is the Masonic Lodge for Lauder.

Carry on down West High Street and again look over to your left to Nos 47-51 West High Street. Note how they are set back from the roadside. This area was once called Dawson's Brae after a local doctor called Dr Dawson who used to live at the centre house, No 49.

To the right hand side of this property, down a short lane, is No 43 West High Street.

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