Royal and Ancient Burgh of Lauder  
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22-26 West High Street (13)

22-26 West High Street

Nos 22-26 West High Street all have 19th century frontages including one with a bay fronted window feature. These properties were sensitively repaired and revived by the Scottish Historic Buildings Trust in 1989.

Turn right and continue up Manse Road until it meets with Crofts Road. Crofts Road, as was noted earlier, was once outside the Burgh wall and was used as an access road when the Burgh gates were locked.

Turn left onto Crofts Road and follow this road until you reach a large stone building with unusual white oriel windows. This property is now a private house but it was once the Relief Church, formed in 1752.

This church joined with other seceeders (anti-Burghers etc) to form the United Presbyterian Church (now demolished).

Take care when walking along Crofts Road, as there is no defined pedestrian space.

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Town Trail: 22-26 West High Street, Lauder Scotland