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Lauder Primary School (14)

Lauder Primary School

Further along Crofts Road is Lauder Primary School. This was once two schools, the Free Kirk School (1844) and the Parish Church School (prior to 1657). These stood where the two modern additions now stand. The older building in the middle was built to join the two schools after the 1872 Education Act, which promoted free education for all.

Continue along Crofts Road to the junction where Crofts Road meets Mill Wynd.

Cross over Mill Wynd to Factors Park.

Factors Park

The land to your right where the new housing is now situated was once a grassy field known as the 'Factors Park'. This land would have been managed by the factor that lived in the house at the far end of the East Port.

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Town Trail: Lauder Primary School and Factors Park, Lauder Scotland