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Lauder Primary School Council

Lauder Primary School
Crofts Road
Tel: 01578 722346
Lauder Primary School

There have been educational facilities on this site since 1863, but there is evidence of an even earlier establishment.

The present facilities date from 1966 when four classrooms were added to the existing building, another in 1977 and 1987, giving a total of six classrooms for the seven stages of primary, thus resulting in the necessity of composite classes.
The nursery was added in 1998.
There are seven class teachers with visiting specialist teachers bringing their own areas of expertise into the life of the school.
The ancillary staff consists of a school secretary, a nursery nurse, a classroom assistant, a special needs auxiliary, two cooks a janitor and a cleaner.

There is a School Board and an active P.T.A..

The After School Club which is open to children of Primary School age takes place within the school, having the advantage of the children being able to remain on the premises.

Lauder Primary School Council
Aims to promote partnership between the Lauder Primary School, its pupils, staff, parents, carers and the wider community.
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Lauder Primary School Council, Scotland