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 Lauderdale Historical Society, Scotland

Lauderdale Historical Society

Lauderdale Historical Society was formed to encourage the community in Lauderdale to take an active interest in the history of the area.
It promotes social and educational development through the medium of history and provides a forum for study, discussion and the exchange of information on the history of Lauderdale.

The main aims of the Society are:
To establish and ensure a source of information and archive which accommodates the upkeep of records, artifacts and documentation.
To assimilate the documentation of recent material for posterity and to inform the future.
To form sub or interest groups on specific topics or eras of particular interest.

The Society normally meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Youth Trust Hall, Lauder at 7.30pm.

Membership of the Lauderdale Historical Society is open to anyone on payment of the appropriate membership fee.


At the AGM in May 2016 the following Committee Members were elected:-
Eugene Brandeschi, Chairperson;
Pat Fairbairn, Vice Chairperson;
Elma Middlemiss, Treasurer;
Michael Scott, Secretary.

Voted to serve as Committee Members were Caroline Barr and Malcolm McVittie.

It was agreed that in future there would be an event in June but no events or outings in July & August.
There will not be an increase in Membership Fees for the year up to May 2016. These amounts are 16.00 for a family (2 Adults and all immediately related children under 16 years of age); 11.00 adult and 7.00 for Senior Citizens.

Future events shown below, except for Members Christmas Dinner, will be held in Lauder Youth Trust Hall on a Wednesday at 7.30pm.
Afterwards tea/coffee & biscuits will be available for 1.

Our events are also open to non-members - 2.00 per person payable on the evening.
New Members are always welcome.

Programme 2016 - 2017

21st Sept A talk by Aileen Orr on the Polish Forces bear mascot.

19th Oct David Maclean on an Escaped Slave in the Borders.

16th November Malcolm McVittie on The First (and Last) Duke of Lauderdale.

14th Dec Society Xmas Dinner

Jan 2017 Eugene Brandeschi (the Chairman) An Historic Journey through the streets of Lauder.

A Pictorial History of Lauder Primary School
Lauderdale Historical Society has produced the booklet, price 5.00.
All enquiries to Eugene Brandeschi on e-mail:

History of Lauderdale
As a special offer, all 5 books relating to the History of Lauderdale, shown below, are now available from the Society at the bargain price of 20.00 (normal RRP of 47.50).
To purchase these books, please contact Eugene Brandeschi on e-mail:

Lauderdale Histories Lauderdale Historical Society, Scotland
Lauderdale Histories
Pictorial History of Lauder Primary School Lauderdale Historical Society, Scotland
Pictorial History of Lauder Primary School

Lauderdale Historical Society, Scotland