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Wooplaw Community Woodlands

Where and What
Wooplaw Woods is an area of woodland which is dedicated to community use. Situated between Lauder and Galashiels (NT 500421), the woods do not belong to a private owner, the Forestry Commission or the local council. They are owned and managed by Wooplaw Community Woodlands, an organisation made up of ordinary people who believe it is important to keep traditional woodland and woodland skills alive.

In 1987 Wooplaw Woods became the first Community Woodland of its king in Britain. As the large oak grows from the humble acorn, so has Wooplaw grown from an idea in the mind of a few interested individuals into a wonderful example of a well-managed woodland accessible to the public who can enjoy the many amenities in peaceful surroundings.

With the help of volunteers, thousands of trees have been planted, ponds have been dug, an otter holt has been built and a log cabin has been constructed. There is an extensive and well-kept barbecue area which is a favourite with visitors some of whom stay overnight in tents or in the log cabin. Paths have also been laid to give ease of access to the disabled.

Anyone interested in the conservation of the environment will find Wooplaw to be an inspiration. Visitors have come from all over the world and have gone away with ideas for setting up community woodlands in their own home areas.

Who should join?
Individuals with skill or without skill. Those who want to work for the conservation of the environment and those who simply want to enjoy it. If you are interested you are welcome!

Membership costs 5 for 2 years.
Members receive regular newsletters, information on events and full use of the facilities at Wooplaw.

Wooplaw Wildlife Watch
This is a group for young people interested in wildlife and the environment, which meets on the last Sunday of every month at the Log cabin from 11am until 1pm.
There are lots of exciting activities such as pond-dipping, tree dressing, making bird and bat boxes, games and nature-based crafts.
The group is run by a registered Wildlife Watch Leader (SWT) and is open to all children aged 7 and over and to under 7's accompanied by an adult.

Wooplaw Community Woodlands have prepared an Education Pack (written for P1 P3 but which can be easily adapted for older children). Border Schools are entitled to one free copy.

For further Information:
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Wooplaw Community Woodlands

Wooplaw Community Woodlands, Scotland